Strait of Juan de Fuca, BC - Joaquin G

My Watermark is the Strait of Juan de Fuca at Willows Beach, BC.

When I was young at Willows beach I would watch the jellyfish and the birds and the fish. I’d come to the beach, the one I could see from my school and house and I would relax and watch the boats sail by without a care in the world. I went to the beach after school almost everyday, I loved the special events that happened there such as the dragon boat races and the fair and the parade. At the beach I had my special spot where I found the secret boat and the buried treasure that in the sand. It was secret spot where I would play with my friends, where we would have water fights and catch minnows and jelly fish.

When I was young at Willows beach I would catch the smell I loved so. It was the smell of the burgers and the fair and the salt water as I would play in the park right next to the beach. My favourite game to play was grounders I would play with all the kids that would come to the beach. There were at times 20 kids on one playground. It was amazing, so extremely fun. I would skip stones on the beach and play ultimate frisbee. Oh how i long for those days.

When I was young at Willows beach I would sit buried in the sand that my friends had loaded onto my stomach, with the sand clenched in between my toes and my fingers and my hands I would run around the rocks with my feet adapting to every single one in a similar yet different way. I would brush my hair off to remove the hundreds of tiny grains of sand from my head, I could feel every individual one.

At the beach I would sit and admire the sunset and the ice cream and all the little things in life. At the beach I would let the waves roll away my worries and cares and responsibilities. The beach is what symbolized my years as a kid. That beach was my joy and safety and most importantly my home.

Joaquin G

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