Lake Huron, ON - Coda L

When I was young at Lake Huron, I would always go to the cottage in Bayfield with my family. At my parks beach we would usually bike or walk then set up our umbrellas, bags and mats before getting in the nice, cold refreshing water. In the lake, we would paddle board, swim and throw a football, I remember all the rocky spots. My sister Cadence and I would always explore the bottom of the lake for a nice shallow sandy spot with no rocks at all.

When I was young at lake Huron, there was a ravine next to the lake that was full of minnows and toads and water spiders that I saw every time I went to this beach. In the ravine there were these green plants that were sharp and itchy and dry even though their roots were in the water and completely wet. Whenever it was low tide season for the ravine, there would always be a sandy cliff hovering over top of the water and my sister and I would step on them because the sand collapsed into the water and just looked cool.

When I was young at Lake Huron and needed a break from doing so many activities. My mom would bring a bag full of chips, snacks and drinking water. But my sister would always eat all the good chips and not share any. Also I would craft driftwood boats with the material around. Then, I would push them into the lake or ravine(matters which one is more calm)then see how long they would float. Sometimes my sister would join in then we would race how long they stays up but that rarely happened because she HATED the sand.

When I was young at Lake Huron, fully rested and full of new energy, Cadence and I would paddle board far away from land until we couldn't see it anymore. We would fall every single time we stood up. When we would come back in, we would jump several waves when it was wave jumping day, because some will be perfect and some will be weak. When we had a great day at the beach, we would wash all the sand off including the sand on our supplies, pack everything up, then start biking or walking back to our cottage to relax and rest.

Lake Huron, ON
Coda L

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