Lake Rousseau, ON - Gwen W

When I was young at lake, the water was clear and blue. The air was clean and the trees were tall and sturdy. The trees were so tall and big the roots grew onto the trails. The air was pure and pleasant to breath in, and the water crystal clear with the sun shining on the blue water.

When I was young at the lake, I went on a big white pontoon boat. The boat would glide through the water which would splash up onto me and my family. The water looked blue and not polluted just shining in the sunlight, and on the ride we saw huge expensive machines and boat houses that looked like a normal sized house but filled with big boats and jet skis.

When I was young at the lake, the lake air was clear. It was easy to breathe it in and out through your lungs. It smelt fresh like a recent rainfall. It made you happy to take deep breaths. It made me realize how dirty our air is in the city.

A beautiful lake, sun glistening and the water shining. The view took me away. When I was young looking at the views, the big tall trees and the crystal clear air and water took me into a different world. I wanted to splash, swim in the water and play on the beach. But in the end I always had tons of fun and it was the lake that I loved and remember.

Lake Rosseau, ON
Gwen W

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