Georgian Bay, ON - Ashley M

My watermark is Little Tub Harbour (Georgian Bay).

When I was young at Little Tub Harbor, I would stride down the pier step by step, squabble to a flock of birds who never communicated back and gaze at the boats docked on the harbor. The whiff of salt water always demanded for my attention as I breathed in the refreshing airo. All you could ever hear was the thump of footsteps of people strolling down the pier. I once even saw a man playing a saxophone. It was always charming and splendid, as the boats gave society a happy cheer.

When I was young at Little Tub Harbor, I roamed by every shop in town, exploring for the most significant gift for my family. The shops were brimming with colors, green like the ice cream store on the corner, yellow like the shine of the sun and blue like the lapping waves in the harbor. When the shopping spree came to a halt, I would stand in the center of the pier and see all of the shops around me. I felt like I was the middle of a dart board, as there were many places to hit.

When I was young at Little Tub Harbor, I tested every flavor of ice cream. There was a store on the corner that always sold the most outstanding kinds of flavors. Mint was greener than grass, moose tracks was spotted with little chocolate chips and strawberry was fresh and delicious. My family and I would always purchase the finest flavors and sit on a ledge next to the harbor, while my toes dangled in the water.

The water was constantly a part of me and Little Tub Harbor stood out. It was like the tides and the waves came to absorb me into the ocean. The way the water rippled over my feet when I relaxed on the pier was delightful. It felt like a home I had long ago forgotten. The toads would skim through my fingers, the slime on the rocks would always make me slip and the water would fill my heart with joy. I can't wait to go back to Little Tub Harbor and replay the memories through my head.

Georgian Bay, ON
Ashley M

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