Lake Huron, ON - Eleni N

My watermark is Lake Huron, ON.

When I was young at Lake Huron I spent all day with my sisters. We went on long walks to find mud. When we found it, we put it all over our bodies. It was cold and heavy and smooth. When we were finished, we washed it off in the little stream beside the mud. After I washed it off my face, it felt clean and fresh and soft.

When I was young at Lake Huron, my sisters and I did gymnastics on the beach. It was amusing and exciting and exhilarating. We would do gymnastics on big logs, on the soft sand and in the crisp water. We took so many pictures of each other and it was so much fun. Occasionally we would look for interesting shells or rocks buried in the sand.

When I was young at Lake Huron, I would just stare into the deep blue water and dream. It was peaceful and calm and relaxing. I would listen to the sound of the waves crashing down onto the beach, and the wind ruffling through the leaves and trees. I would soak up the rays of sun and just lay there.

When I was young at Lake huron, I would lay down and melt into the silky smoothe sand. I would lay there and tan for hours at a time. I like the warm and refreshing and unpredictable breeze. I would listen to the birds sing, and absorb the feeling of the hot sun against my skin.

While night fell, we would sit around the blazing fire and eat sticky and warm and sweet marshmallows. Sometimes we would go down and sit just in reach of the water, and the tide would wash up on our legs. I would sit there with my sisters under the radiant sky filled with bright stars until it was time to go inside.

Lake Huron, ON
Eleni N

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