Georgian Bay, Ontario - Nathan B

My watermark is Georgian Bay.

When I was young at Georgian Bay, I grabbed my bag, I ran to the boat launch, and I was overjoyed and filled with excitement. I wait with friends for my name to be called eager to jump on the boat and head to camp. We ride the boat as it speeds away from our family, waving goodbye and awaiting our first of many adventures. Along the ride to camp, I listen to the motor of the boat roaring, the crystal blue waves splashing against the boat, and the laughter of new friends.

When I was young at Georgian Bay I did the swim test, counting the strokes as I make my way to the big rock where my life jacket would be thrown at me to teach me how to put on while in the water. I did the canoe flip, where my cabinmates and I would sit in a row in one of the camps many canoes. After one giant push, we would all count to three, and SPLASH into the water we went. I can remember my heart pounding moments before the canoe was about to flip and going over every step that we needed to do next.

When I was young at Georgian Bay I spent my days learning how to swim building confidence in the calm, refreshing water. I spent my afternoons splashing my paddles across the bay as my paddles hit the water I could hear nothing around me other than kerplunk,woush,kerplunk,woush,kerplunk,woush.

When I was young at Georgian Bay, I would go on hikes with my cabinmates we would walk for hours each step taking us towards our new adventure. The forests around us so beautiful and green, you could hear the sound of nature all around you.

At the end of the day when all the fun ended, we would climb into bed pull our sleeping bags up tight and listen to the crickets lull us to sleep.

Georgian Bay, ON
Nathan B

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