Lake Erie, ON - Cameron RS

My watermark is Lake Erie & surrounding bays of Longpoint

When I was young at Longpoint, I used to swim away from Longpoint and towards the lake so I could be the farthest person in the water. I used to dunk my little sisters to watch them swim, jump, and laugh with me. I used to teach them how to find the best sand for sandcastles, so when a wave came by, our beautiful sandcastles’ flood will not ruin the sandcastle. We used to swim under the waves, but only for a few seconds so we wouldn’t drown.

When I was young at Longpoint, I used to swim across the channel, like my mom did when she was my age, so my grandpa would give me some money for my piggy bank. My mom used to throw me and my sisters off the dock, so we would fall, swim, and climb back onto the dock, as my grandparents and surrounding neighbors laughed at me, my sisters, and my entertaining mom.

When I was young at Longpoint, I used to always take turns going tubing with my sisters. We attached one end of the rope to the boat and the other end to the tube, then we would go out to a good spot in the inner bay; one of the bays surrounding Longpoint, and sometimes we would laugh, fall, and swim back to the boat.

After all this fun, we would have more fun going to Port Rowan, one of the towns near Longpoint. We would park at the lighthouse, and walk down and cut through the main street, reading a few plaques on the side of that pathway, and walk down to an ice cream shop: Twins Ice Cream. Oh, Longpoint. We had all this fun but we can enjoy it again. We will because my grandfather owns a cottage in Longpoint, so we definitely will.

Lake Erie, ON
Cameron RS

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