Thames River, London ON - Emma K

My watermark is Thames River.

When I was young at Thames River, I would always go fishing with my dad. I will always remember the big smile on my face as I watched the healthy, happy fish swim around. I would cast my rod, it landing far out in the lake. It would normally take hours before I would even get a little nibble, but it was always worth it when I would feel a slight tug on the line. I’d slowly start to reel it in. The fast, fidgety, fantastic fish would always put up a good fight, but when it finally gave in I would reel it in all the way. I’d stare at the fish, taking in all it’s beauty, before we would have to let it go. Watching the fish swim back into the water was always one of my favorite parts, they always looked so happy to be free, to be back home.

When I was young at Thames River, I would always go hiking with my family, usually around the water’s barrier. I will always remember the soft crunch of the leaves as I walked slowly, careful not to scare the stunning, graceful, quick animals. My favorite part was walking calmly, taking in all the beautiful sights and the peaceful, relaxing sounds. The sights were always so pretty, especially at sunset. I would sit for hours, staring out at the water as the sun slowly dropped below it, leaving the sky a beautiful pink or orange. I would walk with my eyes trailing all around me, staring at the beautiful colours of the leaves. Most of them were pine, so just green, but there were few that were a beautiful vibrant red and orange.

When I was young at Thames River, I would always go biking on the beautiful scenic routes near the water. I would always peek over to the side, my eyes moving their gaze over to the beautiful, fresh, relaxing water. I would always purposefully pedal through the mud puddles, most of it landing on my lower back. It seems silly to say that the water had a scent, but I felt as though it really did. It smelled fresh, like a mint leaf. The smell was always just refreshing, pleasing my nose. As I would bike over the small bumps on the ground I would hold on tight to my handle bars, not wanting to lose control of my bike as we continued farther through the larger path.

When I was young at Thames river, I would always go camping with my family. We would always hike far before we settled on a spot. We would always pick a spot with a good view of the water. I remember setting up the tent, it would normally take a while, but once it was done it felt like a beautiful castle set up just on the lake side. The sun would have fallen and my parents would call me into the tent, but I never wanted to go inside. I wanted to keep staring out at the huge, beautiful, still water. The water had settled and it had as well silenced by this time, but it was still simply stunning.

Thames River, ON
Emma K

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