Athabasca Glacier, AB - Peyton R

My watermark is the Jasper Icefields

When I was young at the Jasper Icefields I sat quietly reflecting out the window of my car, when I saw the peak of a very tall, beautiful, big mountain. The first mountain I've ever seen in my life. My eyes drifted down the mountain and I saw the glistening water that reminded me of an ice rink.

When i was young at the Jasper Icefields my sister and I sprinted towards the christal clear, amazing,beautiful water, not even thinking about putting on a swimsuit. My feet touched the freezing ice cold water.

When I was young at the Jasper Icefields, I walked what felt like miles with the water only reaching to my knees, it didn't get any warmer but with the sun beating down the cold water touching my legs was refreshing.

Down by the Jasper IceFields I remember being carefree and overall happy.

Peyton R

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