Atlantic Ocean, Cuba- Hannah R

My watermark is The Atlantic Ocean

When I was young at the ocean, I would play in the water until my fingers pruned. I would feel the cold, hard and strong waves crash over me, and would spend hours playing with my sister in the refreshing water that my parents would have drag us away from the waters edge. I would always laugh as the slimy seaweed tickled my bare feet as I sawm by.

When I was young at the ocean, my family and I would walk along the water's edge, I would get sunburnt and have to wear sticky, smooth, and slimy sunscreen. I would always get hot in the Cuban sun and I would go run over to the water to cool off in the shiny, clear and blue ocean that has always brought me comfort.

When I was young at the ocean, the hot, soft and squishy sand would burn my feet. I could smell the fresh salt water blowing in the cool wind. The breeze would make my hair blow around and would cool me off when I was hot. As it started to get darker, my family and I would stay out just to watch the brilliant colours of the sunset before we went to sleep.

As night fell on the Atlantic Ocean, my parents and I would watch the colorful, calming and inspiring sunset as it slowly moved away to start another day at the opposite side of the world. As I sit there on the sandy beach I will always remember the calm music flowing to my ears, the soft hard feeling of wet sand under me and the joy and happiness Cuba brought me. Cuba will always be apart of me, forever and ever.

Hannah R

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