English Channel, UK - Carys S

My watermark is the Atlantic Ocean at Seaton Beach.

When I was young at the Atlantic Ocean I would swim. I was never scared and didn’t exactly believe I would ever drown. One day I waited for the biggest, best, most billowing wave ever. It was visible all the way at the horizon. I waited and waited and waited for the wave and once it got close the current got stronger. Once the wave came close the current pulled me under the water. I saw a blur of light milky brown, small hints of grey and these dark specs of I don't know what color. Maybe it was a dark blue, or green, or maybe even black. I spent the rest of the night sitting in my nan’s beach hut drinking tea. My Aunt bought me ice cream and I was a little bit more happy but overall I was in shock. It was so terrifying, shocking and crazy.

When I was young at the Atlantic Ocean I would hang out with my older, nerdier, weirder cousin. We talked about computer programming, drawing anime/manga and school. Eventually, my sister joined us and we played tag for about thirty minutes. Somewhere near the end of the game my cousin picked me up by my legs and hung me upside down. I put my hands on the ground and told him to let me go. He protested, but eventually gave in. I was dropped and as my hands hit the rocky, hard, blister-causing ground I did a handstand followed by a cartwheel, round-off, backbend, kick over. It isn’t too impressive but me two years ago was shocked that I had the strength, flexibility, and balance to do a back bend kick over. That was a very happy, accomplished and proud night for me.

When I was young at the Atlantic Ocean I would walk through the whole town to go to the beach in my swimsuit. I would stop at Tesco, the grocery store in Seaton, and buy a new fashion magazine. I would swim for hours, then get the coldest, tastiest, creamiest ice cream ever. In England, there is a thing called clotted cream that they put in their ice cream, and it makes the ice cream amazing, but clotted cream is banned in Canada. I love going to England partially because of the ice cream.

The Atlantic Ocean at Seaton Beach in Devon (That is in England) is my favorite place on Earth. The Ocean isn’t only water. It has been an emotional attachment for me for as long as I can remember. The Atlantic Ocean isn’t just enough. It’s more than enough, it always has been and it always will be. I only want to be able to be in the Atlantic Ocean at Seaton Beach in England.

Carys S

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