The Dead Sea, Israel - Nikol C

My watermark is The Dead Sea.

When I was young at the Dead Sea, I felt the salt massage my feet and people laughing, there were palm trees and lots of mud. Me and my cousin were making salt castles because there was no sand. We rubbed mud all over us, we then walked very carefully to the water to wash it all off. We collected sand rocks as souvenirs.

When I was young at the Dead Sea, I tried to float in the water because my grandpa did it. I could not do it on my own so my dad helped me. I then sank a little and swallowed a little water. I spit it out cause it was too salty.
I had to float because I couldn't feel the bottom of the sea, my dad could reach the bottom, I was jealous, he was so tall.

When I was young at the Dead Sea, I saw people relaxing playing on the shore and having fun. Sometimes they would relax on beach chairs and stare off into the distance. This one little kid tried to eat the salt that was on the seashore, she put it in her mouth and quickly spat it out just as fast as she put it in.

I walked out of the water taking my goggles off, I walked to the chairs to go try to relax.My dad then walked out of the water with a big smile on his face and I smiled back. When we finally dried off we packed up and put our stuff in the car and drove off. I was sad because I left a place I loved to go to. I love the Dead Sea!

Dead Sea, Israel
Nikol C

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