Lake Ontario, ON - John Rishworth

My name is John Rishworth and I’ve been part of Waterkeepers for a long time. I’ve known Mark for over 30 years and sat on the Board for probably 7.

I have a real connection to water, I am just very emotional about the connection and what it means to me. My Watermark is Lake Ontario. We immigrated from England when I was 11 and we really didn’t at that point have a lot of money. So the big trip was Centre Island. We took the ferry across, and my mom packed lunch and we’d go over and we thought it was the greatest thing in the world, we got to sit on the beach and enjoy sandwiches. My mom would pack us up and we’d take the TTC back to our house in Don Mills. We just loved it, it was such a great way of being brought up. We were always part of water when we were in England and it was so great to be able to connect to one when we came to Canada.

Lake Ontario, ON
John Rishworth

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