Kahului Bay, Hawaii - Emma Kaszas

My family and I don’t get to go on vacations a lot, so when we do, it is always so much fun! One summer, we decided to go to Hawaii, and we stayed in a resort in this area called Kona. The resort was beautiful, had amazing food, and always had amazing activities. One day, me and my sister went to this activity that involved swimming with dolphins, which had always been something that I have been wanting to do. They had a closed off a pen on Kahului Bay so that the dolphins wouldn’t get out. We got to pet them and get comfortable with them first, and then we started swimming around with them and doing tricks with them. The experience was very memorable, and one of the most fun things I have ever done. I hope I can go back one day.

Kahului Bay, USA
Katharine Varaklis
Emma Kaszas

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