Daet River, Philippines - Dan Pajares

In the 60s, I used to go to Bicol every summer. I’d spend the whole 2 months there. That’s where the Daet River is.

My cousin and I used to take empty glasses and drink water right out of the river. The water was so clear. We used to go fishing there too. We’d bring spears and caught shellfish and shrimps. It was really fun. By the banks, there were wild ferns and we used the ferns to cook with coconut milk. I'm not sure if you could do that now.

I went back 25 or so years ago and I went fishing with my cousin again. The river wasn’t as big and it didn’t seem as pure. It seemed more polluted.

It’s too bad you can’t experience it the way I did when I was younger. It was so nice.

Ruby Pajares
Dan Pajares

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