La Poile River, NL - Helen Parker

I have a love of the water from my days swimming across the Northwest Arm in Halifax, to boating and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. One of my most amazing experiences was the trip my husband and I took to La Poile in Newfoundland in 2013. He had not been back there for at least ten years.

It was three different boats that took us to North Bay. We then walked through the wilderness for approximately an hour to Split Rock on the LaPoile River. Our guide brought supplies on a four wheeler. The riverbed was miles and miles of rocks. We set up camp, and one evening as we sat by the campfire we saw a caribou clunking along the rocky riverbed, taking no notice of us. During our stay, we saw a large Black Bear and moose, and watched the eagles soaring above. There was something magical standing there with a fly rod in the middle of nowhere.

La Poile River, NL
Ruby Pajares
Helen Parker

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