Lake Ontario, ON - Aditi B

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

When I was young at Sandbanks beach on Lake Ontario.

When I was young at the beach, I sat at the edge of Lake Ontario, feeling the warm water and wiggling my toes as lake weed, water and rocks washed ashore. The water shimmered in the sunlight as I gathered small plants, rocks and shells to take with me. I would swim against the current going as far as I could see. Sometimes I fought the waves jumping continuously as if I was a frog jumping from lily pad to lily pad.

When I was young at the beach I climbed the towering hills of sand racing to beat my brother. I fell, slipped and rolled down the sandy surface. The sand was soft fluffy and hot against my skin as I traveled farther on the beach. I glanced up at the trees above grabbing leaves as I walked looking for unique plants. Once I returned to the beach I gathered piles of wet sand. After an hour of work, where there was once weeds was replaced by a towering castle.

When I was young at the beach the sun shined ever so brightly beating down on me, the sand, and the glimmering water. I felt the powerful rays of heat scorch my back, after looking behind realizing I had forgotten sunblock. As I ran into the lake cold water instantly soothed my burned body. I swam among the waves as a small breeze blew above sending sand, umbrellas and lose toys flying.

As the tide calmed down, water began to descend from the rocky shore. Lake weed and small rocks stuck to my feet as I walked upon the cool sand. I watched the sunset with a show of colors. When I was young, I would wait for our glorious trips to the lake.

Lake Ontario, ON
Aditi B

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