Lake Ontario, ON - Fred Braches

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

We live very close to it and have enjoyed being around it and being on it, for at least 20 years that we’ve been sailing on Lake Ontario.

One particular story about how Lake Ontario is important to me is recreational sailing. I volunteer with Blind Sailing Canada which is a wonderful organization. I have been sailing on Lake Ontario for 20 years. In addition to sailing on it, we like to swim in Lake Ontario. Last year we took some friends across to Niagara on the Lake which was a nice little quiet motor on the way there because there was zero wind. So we decided halfway on the lake just to stop and jump in for a swim. It was calm and peaceful and serene. Very clean because Lake Ontario is clean, just not where the vast majority of people are which is around the edge. We enjoyed going a couple nautical miles off shore and going for a swim. It was beautiful. On the way back, we had a fantastic sail. The wind would come up, the waves were crashing on the boat and we were having a great time and decided to do the same on the way back. So we stopped the boat, had it just drifting along and jumped in for a swim which was crazy and chaotic and wild with the waves and the boat drifting away. But it’s a matter of enjoying what Mother Nature throws at us and enjoying what we have because it is very special.

Lake Ontario, ON
Antonio Lennert
Fred Braches

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