Niagara Falls, ON - Katie P

My watermark is Niagara Falls.

When I was young at Niagara fall I would always go there. I would go with my family during summer vacation. Most of the times my family and I would go to the arcade and play games.We would always win a lot of arcade tickets. We would sometimes win a giant, soft, cute stuffed animal, with our arcade tickets that we won playing the arcade games.

When I was young at Niagara Falls everytime we would go to the waterfall to take pictures. My family and I always loved the waterfall because it’s windy and breezy. We always say hi to the people that are on the boats. Sometimes some people would say hi back.

When I was young at Niagara falls sometimes if we stayed there for a whole day, my family and I would go to a fancy restaurant to eat or sometimes we would just go to eat at pizza pizza. I always liked going to the fancy restaurant more.Most of the times when we’re eating we would talk about what we like about the waterfall.

Once my family and I even had a picnic near the waterfall. It was really fun and I liked it very much. We would take pictures and sometimes, we would edit the pictures to make it look funny. That was the fun, awesome and amazing times that my family and I had at Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls, ON
Katie P

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