Thames River, ON - Kseniya B

My watermark is the Thames River.

When I was young at Thames River, I balanced on rocks until I fell, I chased geese until they flew away, or I would watch family’s of fish swim away. When I'd get dirty I would wash my hands in the water, and maybe my brother would push me into the shallow water. I kept on trying to pull my brother in, but he was way too heavy, I couldn't pull him in.

When I was young at Thames River, we went on the island, it wasn't huge but it was a mediocre size, it had plants and trees, some trees were 3 times my size! We built a bridge that almost reached the other side, we skipped rocks, I would rarely succeed. I would be jealous of my brother, he would always succeed.

When I was young at Thames River, I fell into the water a lot, I got soaking wet, my toes then got cold because I was wearing sandals. I tried to be patient, to let my stuff dry, but I always got hungry. My mom and dad were at home, waiting for us to arrive. I told my brother, “You go first!” I would try to be sneaky, try to go change, but I always got caught.

I would get hurt a lot, I would trip or fall, scratch my knee, maybe get some bruises. I always tried to avoid the wasps, hornets, and the mosquitoes. Bees were not that bad. Those nasty mosquitoes, swarming in my face, trying to bite me. I would try to escape, but they always got me. I tried not to itch, but it was so tempting. I could not resist so I itched and itched. Then I regretted it. Now, I had open cuts, they could get infected! But I did not want to go all the way back home to get a band-aid. No! I did not care. I needed to stay! I loved the Thames River.

Thames River, ON
Kseniya B

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