Lake Huron, ON - Lauren M

My watermark is Lake Huron.

When I was young at Lake Huron went canoeing with my family. I remember helping my sister and parents push the canoe into the slimy,dirty and gross water. When the canoe finally slid into the water there was a splash, then silence. After we struggled to get in the boat I could hear the paddles going through the water.

When I was young at Lake Huron I would feel the sun hit my skin, I would get chills. I would reach my hand to the water and feel the warm water on my finger tips. My arm would brush the side of the boat so i could feel the smooth material on the side.

When I was young at Lake Huron I remember going on hikes and looking at the beautiful water. I remember going to the edge of the pile of rocks and looking at the fish playing and hearing the frogs croaking. After we looked at the beautiful sea creatures i would find a shallow part and splash around, I got all muddy and wet but it didn't matter.

Sometimes I would go alone to the edge of the lake and sit watching the wildlife. I would hear the winds blowing and fish swimming. I felt blisters on my feet and wind in my hair. It was paradise, watching fish swim, feeling the wind, and seeing the sunset.

Lake Huron, ON
Lauren M

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