Lake Joseph, ON - Zoe P

My watermark is Lake Joseph.

When I was young at Lake Joseph, I remember hoping in the water and the tadpoles swimming away immediately when my foot started hovering over the water. My hair was blowing in the wind, my legs were shivering, and my teeth were chattering. Because the water was freezing it was 52 Degrees Celsius. I thought I was going to get frostbite. When I got out of the water my legs had goosebumps and they were very red. They looked like got sunburnt.

When i was Young at Lake Joseph, I went on pontoon boat rides with my family. I remember always going over waves, and the cold water splashing in the boat on our faces. And going to blueberry island and exploring different areas. There was always seaweed all over the rocks. It was slimy, squishy, and gross. But fun to squish because it felt weird.

When I was young at Lake Joseph, I would play on the beach and make sandcastles with my cousins and sister. Sometimes we would stare into the deep blue water and watch the fish, tadpoles, and turtles swim around. I remember one day I was walking out of my cottage and saw a baby turtle all alone. And picked it up and got to feed it some lettuce and plants. Eventually two much larger turtles were coming towards and the baby turtle started to walk towards them. It must have been it’s parents.

I will always remember every moment at Lake Joseph. The beautiful sea creatures, the deep blue sea, and the soft yet griney sand. My most amazing and incredible memories were created at Jonson’s resort. Like the time my whole family including my cousins went on a canoe together and it tipped over and we all fell in the water.

Lake Joseph, ON
Zoe P

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